If you are suffering any of the Andropausal symptoms above, chances are, you may greatly benefit from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.  The first step in doing this right is to undergo a Consultation so that a complete medical history can be obtained.  All consultations for hormone replacement therapy are scheduled with Dr. Garcia. 

Prior to your consultation visit, you will be sent a lab request form so that baseline hormone labs can be obtained. The labs requested are the following:

  • Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone, Estradiol, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, DHT, TSH, Free T4, CBC, PSA, and Cholesterone Panel

There are instances where additional labs may be requested after your consultation visit.

It is best to have the labs drawn in a fasting state, first thing in the morning. It usually takes approximately 7-10 days for us to receive your labs. We will review your labs with you at the time of your consultation visit.

If you wish to undergo Pellet Therapy after your consultation visit, please let us know when you call to arrange a consultation visit.


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