Both men and women live in hormone-rich environment from the age of 15-35 years old.  The reason for this is quite simple.  This is the peak of the child-bearing years. 

Once men reach puberty, the production of testosterone naturally skyrockets.  Getting to levels as high as 1500ng/dL.  This number probably means nothing to you, but to put it in perspective, after the age of 45, the level of testosterone is rarely greater than 450ng/dL.   Wow!!! what a huge drop!!!  Think about it...that's less than 3 times the testosterone level of a healthy teenage male.

Notice how everything seemed easier during the Testosterone-Rich Years. You had less fear of long-term injuries because you knew your body would eventually heal. Many of us didn’t care too much about what we ate, because our metabolism was higher. It was easier to retain lean muscle mass and to keep unwanted body fat off. We didn’t stress as much. Our ambitions were higher as were our passions for living. Sex drive wasn’t an issue. Mental clarity was sharper and we were able to multi-task better. At the end of the day, we still had enough fuel in the tank to do more.

When mother nature feels that you should’ve had all the children your were meant to have, she takes the function of your testosterone production, and this natural drop in testosterone levels can lead to testosterone-deficiency symptoms that we call ANDROPAUSE.  This is analogous to the natural decline in estradiol production for women that leads to Menopause.


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